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Our Objective Has Always Been To

Keep Our Clients Safe For The

Past 33 Years.

Since 2001, we have carried out the same purpose while establishing our UAE organization. Our clients' trust was proven worthy of our thorough awareness of the present local and international regulatory environment, as well as the ever-changing commercial climate. Over the last few years, we have built up the practice to continue our techniques of serving our clients with our local representative office YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY, and our unique mission remains as significant today and always has been.

About Us

We acknowledge that our customers seek strategic legal services along with practical solutions to their real-world problems.

Advantage Of Working With Us

Our team is committed to providing greater legal service standards in terms to provide

our clients with a renewed personal satisfaction. 


We consider it our fundamental responsibility to meet your expectations. We've been able to define ourselves apart through our unshakable and uncompromising dedication to our moral and professional principles, which permits us to produce unparalleled premium services to clients. We never quit functioning to serve you; we take a lot of pride in there and consider accomplished mainly due to your satisfaction.

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Our objective is to put value toward the legal assistance, advocacy, and professional business consultancy sectors in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and around the world. Before planning our strategy and deciding on the suitable technique and method for handling the cases in Dubai's diversified cultural setting, we account for the fact all possible circumstances that may have an impact on the situation of our clients.

Our longstanding reputation in legal services and business consultancy has emanated from the popular trust we have enjoyed over the years. This is a consequence of commitment to the professional ethics, hard work, and efficiency in our operations, which translates into the services we provide. While we strive consistently to maintain this momentum and reputation, we often improve our methods through creativity and flexibility, of course without prejudice to professional and ethical standards.

We derive excellence in our work from our cherished values of knowledge, honesty, integrity, hard work, focus, and team effort among many others and these are the qualities on which we have built our treasured experience. We stick out for our commitment to justice which brings out the best from our team of lawyers who strive till we achieve our expected results for which our lawyers make sure that they follow the ethical path to realize their goals. Our uncompromising dedication to moral and professional discipline is the main factor of our excellence because it enables us to maintain focus and hard work for achieving brilliance.


We are distinguished by our policy of giving a priority to the priorities of our clients. We always strive to maintain a competitive edge in our ability to serve and when faced with a legal dilemma we leave no stone unturned in finding a solution to it.
Our team is determined to introduce higher standards of legal service in order to give our clients a renewed experience of satisfaction. We recognize the clients need for strategic legal services and practical solutions to their business issues.

We, at YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY, through our work have touched many lives bringing in rays of hope during the darkest hours. Our lawyers are constantly motivated for bringing out their best performance and contribute to the betterment of society. We strongly advocate human rights as fundamental rights for the healthy being and growth of society and constantly endeavor to promote these rights to ensure that no person is left bereft of them. We consider spreading awareness regarding the injustices prevalent in society and the rights available against them also as one of our core responsibilities.

Likewise, we are aware of our responsibilities towards society and therefore we have introduced a number of legal services to various categories of people who cannot afford such services. We also work in coordination with various educational institutions and provide training to many fresh graduate lawyers. We consider spreading awareness regarding the injustices prevalent in society and the rights available against them also as one of our core responsibilities.

Quoting the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mr. Eliezer Wiesel, "There may be times when we are
powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest."