Debt Collection


We explain and represent our clients in civil court proceedings that we initiate on their account to reclaim debts at YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY.

We actively collect debts on behalf of clients from owing entities in the United Arab Emirates, whether they are individuals or corporate entities. Our preferred process is fast, effective, and premium. In our services, we adhere to the highest ethical guidelines, and we ensure complete confidentiality to the greatest degree. We give limited, medium, and big corporations comprehensive guidance on how to retrieve debts and minimize the effects of debts on their business. We appoint well-experienced professional debt collectors, who have vast experience in local culture, applicable laws, and indeed best practices, which have equipped them with all necessary credentials to pursue, recover, collect and deliver payments and debts back to our esteemed clients. We also represent our clients in lawsuits to recover money due as a result of dishonored cheques. CONFIDENTIALITY is the principle we stick to while dealing with our clients.


With ever-increasing competition, we understand the need of protecting our clients' classified information. Our lawyers are well-prepared to deal with these situations concerning violations of confidentiality that are part of employment agreements is designed to safeguard insider information. We serve our clients in arbitration or litigation, along with counseling them on the measures to follow at the ministry of labor in the event of a breach of contract of employment related to professional misconduct. We are informed of the UAE nondisclosure law as well as provide expert advice to our prestigious customers in full compliance with that as well. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify cases of breach of confidentiality.


At YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY, we represent in all types of criminal cases, from bounced cheques to fraud, defamation and others. We approach all matters with the clients’ interests at heart and our legal resources provide our lawyers with the capability of representing clients in the court of law. Apart from this our lawyers with their excellent reasoning possess the skills required to defend the people charged with crimes. We represent people of all nationalities and deal with all sections of criminal law including but are not limited to the following:




We realize how dynamic is investment particularly in banking and finance is. This prompts us to always maintain banking and finance expert lawyers, who operate hand in hand with our highly trained corporate lawyers, who collectively make up an integrated team of professional, to provide appropriate financial and investment legal advice to our clients.

With such combined expertise, we stand out among others as a firm that maintains a legal view on investment from all aspects hence the quality of legal advice we offer our clients.

Our propose and advise on the various legal criteria for investment sectors e.g. real estate, banking, stocks, oil and gas as well as various financial products to better protect our clients.

Our Services are extended to all types of corporate entities as well as individuals, who wish to explore investment opportunities or who have already invested in various investment portfolios and seek a professional legal perspective.

Trademark being the identity of a business or corporate entity is a valuable asset. At YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY, we provide guidance and professional advice for safeguarding the trademark of our clients and acquainting them with their rights, privileges and obligations emerging out from the ownership of the trademark. We also offer services such as brand name selection, clearance search, mottos, symbols and packaging.

Our lawyers are efficient with the procedures for registering of trademarks with the relevant authorities within the United Arab Emirates and enforcement of one’s trademark in the court of law. We also provide professional services to individual and corporate bodies in identifying counterfeit products, amicable dispute resolution, enforcement of rights, resolving electronic trade mark matters, arranging franchise, investigation to uncover unlawful practices e.g. unfair competition, breach etc.



Copyright is the right that protects one’s creative expression of ideas. Due to modern technology copying has become very easy due to which copyright infringement is widespread. It is highly difficult to prevent copying things that are uploaded on the internet,

but wrongs can be remedied through the procedures established by law and we, at

YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY provide full assistance for the same.

Our lawyers are experienced in all procedures starting from registration for the copyright till the enforcement of the right

and the inhibiting of infringing practices.

We also assist our clients in investigating any possible infringement and keep a watch on any possible breach of their intellectual property.

Also, we ensure efficient and competent legal representation to our clients in all issues

We, at YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY, understand the value of your investment of time, hard work, intellect and money which you put in order to come up with a new invention. Our lawyers are always willing to take those extra steps that are necessary to establish your patent in your invention and to make sure that your patent is secure from outside infringements.

We offer services that vary from the registering of an invention for the obtaining the patent to the enforcement of your patent against the world of infringers.

Intellectual Property is an integral part of every individual’s work. Every creation that is the outcome of one’s intellect can be protected from being stolen through the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. At YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY, we understand the importance of protecting one’s intellectual properties and therefore our team makes sure that when you come to us your work is safe from all thefts.

YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY Provides Intellectual Property Rights Protection for Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents & Designs.