Litigation & Dispute Resolution


We, at YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY, understand the need for a blend of expertise of the law and the UAE culture that is required for practicing in the courts. Our lawyers not only have a length of experience of practicing in the courts but also they understand and merge in the culture here which is highly valued at the courts and also has always proved to be very effective in the handling of cases.


Our lawyers demonstrate excellent skills and exceptional knowledge regarding the free zones in Dubai, especially the Dubai International Financial Zone. We not only provide legal assistance to clients who have their business set up in DIFC zone but also help the new ventures

who intend to establish themselves in the free zones with all the legal procedures and issues that they face in

the process of setting up and running their business in the free zones.

Apart from legal experts in both UAE and international laws, our team also consists of experts in finance, financial brokerage and all other fields relevant in DIFC and thus we claim and take pride in our ability to provide our clients with sound advice after taking

into account all necessary facts and circumstances.


At YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY, we have the best interests of our clients in mind due to which we try to amicably settle their disputes without resorting to the lengthy court procedure.

The most common and effective method of dispute resolution resorted to is arbitration and therefore our lawyers have after years of practice developed expertise in representing our clients in the arbitration tribunal. We handle cases dealt at the DIAC (Dubai International Arbitration Centre) which is a centre for arbitration initiated for resolving disputes at an international level by way of arbitration.

Apart from arbitration, we also support and provide all necessary assistance to our clients opting for conciliation

and settlement methods to resolve their disputes.


Real Estate Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our Real Estate Law Practice is a definite strong point of the firm, handling hundreds of clients and successfully fighting for the rights of our clients across all Emirates with a special focus on Dubai litigation and arbitration. Our team boasts a very high success rate and confidence in the judicial system which has repeatedly protected many of our clients' rights and made it possible for the recovery of

their lost investments in projects which may have been delayed or canceled.

We are proud to be among one of the top (4) U.A.E. firms recognized by the Dubai Courts for the number of cases registered with them.

Our procedures take all measures from the beginning of the transactions to avoid all future disputes but in case any dispute arises we provide full representation to our clients. From the very beginning of the transactions, we take every measure to protect our clients and thereby make sure that in case of disputes our client's interests can be secured without a lot of hassle. Even otherwise our team of resourceful litigators efficiently handles the court proceedings.

Apart from court proceedings, we also represent our clients at alternative dispute resolution forums such as arbitration, mediation, and conciliation proceedings. In every case, we make sure to leave no stone unturned to ensure that justice is delivered to our clients.


Real Estate in Dubai is one of the most disputed legal issues. In this scenario, our strategy is not to only provide the best representation in the courts during disputes, but to take the best precautions and protective measures at the very beginning of the real estate transactions so as to avoid all future disputes.

We represent our clients in all sale and purchase transactions of the real estate and make sure that our clients are well-protected at every step of the transactions. Apart from sale and purchase transactions we also represent our clients in transactions related to property lease, development agreements, joint ventures, and all property-related transactions. Our lawyers aim to draw flawless contracts and scrutinize every clause to remove any discrepancies and detect the risk clauses.

After thoroughly studying the contracts we make sure to eliminate the risky clauses through negotiation with the other party and hence ensure safe transactions which are always a priority due to the increasing number of property fraud cases.

We also take care of all the documents required for the legal and governmental procedures and the various governmental approvals required with respect to the Real Estate/Property transactions



Corporate Law is the law that governs the operations of corporations i.e. the companies. Company Law is one of the major components of corporate law. Dubai is divided into two areas, the first is the one that falls within the jurisdiction of the Dubai Courts and the other is the free zone which is operated and regulated by the special DIFC laws and falls within the jurisdiction of the DIFC courts. Our team excels in providing strategic legal advice and services to the companies and corporate entities flourishing in both areas.

We provide our legal assistance in the formation and setting up of companies and corporate entities. We ensure that all legal procedures are followed so that our clients attain a clean legal title. We also assist the companies and corporate entities to run in accordance with the regulations provided by the law by rendering legal advice for the same.

Shareholdings and distribution, mergers and acquisitions, change in the company structure, etc. that form an integral part of the workings of the corporate bodies and YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY business legal services address all requirements of the local and international business.

Commercial law governs all the business and commercial activities that an individual, partnership firm, company, institution, or any other corporate entity undertake for monetary gain or for an income.

Commerce at its very ground level is the transactions that take place through contracts. Therefore contracts are the most integral or the heart of all commercial transactions. Contracts are the agreements between the parties to undertake a specific commercial transaction with each other and these agreements also carve out the rights and responsibilities of the parties. Hence it is very important to ensure that the contract consists of all the necessary terms and conditions required for a particular business transaction with no loopholes for the other party to escape their liability. Our team of legal experts drafts flawless contracts securing all your rights and ensuring a strong base for your commercial transactions.


Apart from contracts and agreements, commercial cases also pertain to competition law, intellectual property law, consumer protection, Employment law, Dispute Resolution Law, etc. Commerce is a very wide subject the list of laws governing commerce is very lengthy.

Our team of lawyers has specialized in various fields of commercial law; the firm offers Intellectual Property Experts, Unfair Competition Law Experts, Employment Law Experts, Dispute Resolution Experts, etc. and all of them display an extreme commitment to their work. YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY Attorneys and Legal Consultants ensure that their legal knowledge is consistently updated so as to serve our clients and assist them as per their needs.

We understand the spread of commercial activities around the globe crossing various borders and therefore we not only provide advice for commercial activities within UAE but also for global commercial activities. We provide our assistance in setting up companies and businesses in foreign countries, entering into joint ventures with foreign companies, forming collaborations with foreign companies, expanding business activities across the globe, registrations of Intellectual Properties in foreign countries, etc.

Also, we ensure efficient and competent legal representation to our clients in all issues that arise out of any commercial transaction.


The family consists of our close and beloved relations and we, at YOUSIF ALHAMMADI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANCY always keep that in mind while dealing with family matters. We display utmost care while handling delicate family matters. Such matters are dealt with under the Personal Status Law in the United Arab Emirates and this law enumerates within itself regulations to be followed during the marriage, divorce, rules determining maintenance & child support, cases initiated to find the filiation of a child, adoption matters, and matters related to succession and inheritance, etc.

Our team of family lawyers is experienced in dealing with family law & divorce cases. Our foremost aim is to achieve an amicable settlement between the parties seeking a divorce in order to avoid any further conflict which if not possible we make sure to leave no stone unturned in safeguarding the rights of our clients.

In Matters of divorce, we also file for maintenance cases either before or during the divorce. Maintenance right is not only bestowed on the wife but also upon all the dependents of a person which includes the children and the parents of the person and therefore each of them has a right to claim the same. The divorce process is sensitive and private, confidentiality is enforced in the firm and all staff members are monitored to maintain privacy during and after the divorce is successfully legalized.

Filiation matters are cases where the parentage of a child is sought to be found. Generally, these are cases where one party asserts the paternity of a child while the other denies it. Medical evidence plays an important role in such cases.

We are well acquainted with all the procedures and legal requirements of adoption and therefore provide full legal assistance for the same.

Succession & Inheritance are matters that are many times responsible for the breakdown of many families and therefore we ensure our fullest commitment towards an amicable settlement in order to avoid estrangement within the family.


We also provide our full legal assistance, consultancy, and representation to our clients in all court cases.